My name is Jardena “Jay” Garner-Phu and I am the creator and head baker of Juicy Cookie Company. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and grew up always in the kitchen baking (and eating) crazy desserts. By the time I was a teenager, my parents recognized my love for baking and I would often get various recipe books for Christmas. Needless to say, my favorite dessert was the classic cookie 🍪 😝. 

I joined the healthcare profession as a Physician Assistant in 2002 and over time, my love of baking took a backseat due to a stressful, yet very rewarding career. However, my love for cookies never wavered. I worked in a busy emergency department in the Upper Eastside of New York City and after a long shift, I would often travel across Central Park to one of my favorite bakeries in the city, Levain bakery. Their chocolate chip cookie with walnuts was my favorite treat 🤤.

In 2014, my husband, Khai, and I relocated to the Bay Area and settled in our “forever home” in Oakland, California. After adopting a plant-based lifestyle in 2017, I started experiencing amazing health benefits, such as losing 50-pounds, improved skin, mobility, and overall energy. And although I enjoyed living a vegan lifestyle, I found it difficult to find a cookie that I fell in love with so I decided to create my own…

With a renewed passion for baking, I took on the challenge to make the very best cookie! Just like what I remembered from my favorite New York City bakery, but this one was going to be vegan🌱. My hospital coworkers gladly became my cookie taste testers for all my crazy flavors. And a year later, Juicy Cookie Company was born.

The mission behind Juicy Cookie Company is deliver amazing, high-quality, vegan baked goods that are incredibly delicious and can be enjoyed by all. My homemade cookies are all unique, and some of them even include actual fruit 🍌🍓🍒. All inspired by the flavors that I fell in love with as a kid.

The best compliment I can ever get is “I can’t believe this cookie is vegan!! “ My cookies are 💯 addictively delicious, and surprisingly vegan. I say this next statement with absolute confidence: your next favorite cookie will be a JUICY cookie😋



The mission behind Juicy Cookie Company is to provide high quality vegan baked goods that are low allergen, incredibly tasty and can be enjoyed by all! These homemade cookies are unique with loads of flavor & sweetness from fruits and locally sourced ingredients to make a complex, juicy, and sophisticated dessert.

We Support Charity Water!

We love spreading appreciation to our community and the world! Therefore, a portion of our profits go straight towards supporting Charity Water and their mission to provide drinking water to people in developing nations.

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